Brenda Coulter
Inspirational Romance Novelist
Hey, there. If you enjoy warm, witty love stories written from a Christian perspective, I hope you'll take a look at my books. Originally published in mass-market paperback under Harlequin's popular "Love Inspired" banner, my first four novels are now out of print but still available in your favorite e-book formats.

My latest novel,
Her Minnesota Man, is similar in style and tone but much longer than my "Love Inspired" books. It's available in both softcover and e-book formats, and has been getting tons of fantastic reviews at Amazon and elsewhere online. Please let me know how you like it!
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I'm currently at work on two more Christian romances. One is a shorter novel set in Ireland and the other is a new "Three Graces" story which will include not just the matchmaking triplets, but several other beloved characters from Her Minnesota Man. Watch this page or "like" me on Facebook for the latest news on those projects.

I am frequently asked whether I plan to continue the stories of the characters in
Finding Hope, A Family Forever, and A Season of Forgiveness. I am unable to make such plans at present because my former publisher controls all rights to those books. If and when the rights revert to me, I will update, expand, and re-release those novels. Then I will probably give some of the secondary characters books of their own.

One more thing: Do you like flowers? I often post photos of my cottage-style garden on my Facebook page. Check it out!
Here's some fun news: I've written and published my very first short story!
She might be as old as the hills, but she's not dead. So what is Maryann Flemming's obituary doing on Page 4 of the Fiddly Falls Citizens Gazette?

Folksy and fun, this 7,000-word short story is a quick read featuring Christian themes and a touch of romance. Download it now to enjoy during your next coffee break or at bedtime. (Goes great with cookies!)

Just 99 cents at Amazon's Kindle Store. Click the bookcover for more info.

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